How to Unplug

Are you wasting your days away on your phone/computer? #ProductivityHack #HowToUnplug

What We Can Learn From Robin Williams

If you have watched the news, or even if you live under a rock, I am fairly certain you have heard the news of Robin Williams’s death this past week. A truly terrible story. Williams was arguably one of the greatest comedians of the century, and to see such a talent pass away is devastating … Read more

Do A Good Turn Daily

Roughly 4 Years ago, I spent nearly every Thursday night in the basement of my local Methodist church going to Boy Scout meetings. Depending on who you are, you might view Boy Scouts in a different way. There seems to be this on-going image of boys wearing short-shorts, high socks, and kerchiefs, while hiking up … Read more

Eating Humble Pie

Do you think of yourself as a humble person? Whether you do or do not, how does being humble benefit you? Ever thought about that? Whenever you win at anything, you automatically want to puff your chest out and tell everyone about your victory! Don’t deny it, it is human nature. You feel stupendous when … Read more

Everyday Leadership

What does it take to be a leader? It does not necessarily take years of experience or wisdom. In this TED Talk, Drew Dudley discusses how you can make “being a leader” an everyday occurrence. You may be surprised to find how some simple acts can show great leadership. Enjoy! [ted id=1355]

Is Social Media Distracting You From Your Vision?

Imagine a world without all the trendy technology we live with today. No iPhones, no droids, no laptops, no smart TV’s, and, don’t worry we’re just pretending, no Netflix. Now imagine you live in that world, and I want you to ask yourself: if you had an entire free day with NOTHING on your agenda, … Read more

How Incredibly Successful People Think

Is success really SO difficult to achieve? Or is it all in your head? In this 6 minute video, NY Times bestselling author Brendon Burchard talks about how successful people think differently than unsuccessful people. You may be surprised to find out that there is only a subtle difference. With that said, watch this video … Read more