Freeman, Hunter - thumbnail 150x150Hunter Freeman

Hunter knows that the rut of normality is an easy place for many to become content with. Normality will not get one anywhere in today’s age, so he strives to change this through coaching that is based on his previous experiences. His past successes and failures assist him while he focuses on guiding young professionals towards the visions they have for their lives. Hunter uses the insight gained from running his own business’ to coach numerous successful young professionals.

06cc0b6Alex Dalpiaz

The world we live in has never been tougher for those in their early professional career, and Alex’s goal is to help young adults paint a vision for their future. Life is full opportunities, and the few people who grasp the opportunities of life yield its greatest reward: enjoying every moment of it. Alex elevates the mind by evolving the mindsets of individuals to be driven and aggressive. He inspires and facilitates people to elevate their lives and translates their burning desire to be successful into a reality.

Kendall WernetKendall Wernet

Kendall Wernet is a young, excited coach and motivator who wants you to succeed and to transform into the person you dream of being. He believes that anyone with a dream and the right mindset can achieve more than they ever believed.  Kendall also believes you should never settle for less than you’re worth in a world that has so many opportunities.  As Kendall continues his journey through a life full of excitement and fulfillment, he wants you to join him so he can help you elevate your future.