06cc0b6Alex Dalpiaz

Alex inspires and facilitates people to elevate their lives and translates their burning desire to be successful into a reality.

“Winners convert failure into a stepping stone to achievement while the others use it as an alibi for not producing results.” – Outwitting the Devil

Meet Alex

The world we live in has never been tougher for those in their early professional career, and Alex’s goal is to help young adults paint a vision for their future. People often say a “mind is a terrible thing to waste,” well Alex believes an “opportunity” is the greatest thing to waste. Life is full opportunities, and the few people who grasp the opportunities of life yield its greatest reward: enjoying every moment of it. Alex elevates the mind by evolving the mindsets of individuals to be driven and aggressive. He has trained, mentored, and coached dozens of successful young adults, entrepreneurs, and young professionals in preparing their mindset as they enter the business world.


Alex attended Clemson University where he majored in Business Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Alex’s entrepreneurial endeavors started when he was 18 years old as a freshman where he had the opportunity to take part in a program with a company, Young Entrepreneurs Across America, that afforded him the opportunity to learn how run a small business from the ground up. That’s when he was bit by the entrepreneurial bug that would forever shape the way he thinks about the world. From there he would take on executive roles with the company for the next 3 years throughout his duration of college, where he would oversee $650,000 worth of business in college while mentoring dozens of individuals to run a business as well. Alex has faced all of the internal and external battles that come with being a successful business person and growing as a leader in today’s world.

Running a successful business while in college has given Alex the necessary insight required to be an effective vision coach for the younger generation. Alex uses his personal stories of past failures and successes along with his tools for success to effectively mentor and direct individuals in a positive direction.


As a rookie manager in 2010 and a Freshman at Clemson, Alex earned Rookie Manager of the Year honors for his work with Young Entrepreneurs Across America(YEAA). In 2011 as an executive with YEAA Alex earned Manager of the Year and Executive of the Year awards. Alex continued has entrepreneurial endeavors with YEAA in 2012 and 2013 receiving additional Executive of the Year Awards.

In 2013, he graduated with Honors from Clemson University.