What We Can Learn From Robin Williams

If you have watched the news, or even if you live under a rock, I am fairly certain you have heard the news of Robin Williams’s death this past week. A truly terrible story. Williams was arguably one of the greatest comedians of the century, and to see such a talent pass away is devastating to anyone who enjoyed his work. He starred in many movies over the past few decades and took on a variety of roles – from playing an English teacher to dressing up as an old woman, the guy could do it all.

Although it may seem like the answer to the question is fairly obvious, why was Robin Williams’s death so terrible? Just by talking to my friends and family about the question, the general consensus seems to be along the lines of “he brought so much joy to the world and made so many people laugh”.

Robin Williams' Star on Hollywood Boulevard

I agree. Happiness is our goal in life, so if we lose someone that made us happy, that is definitely terrible!

People cared about Robin Williams’s death because he made a difference in lives. The story is still on every news channel today even though almost a week has passed since the incident. We cannot look away from the story.

This got me thinking: How will the world react when I die? Will my face be on the news? Will people say it was a terrible occurrence? What will they remember about me?

Ask yourself these same questions.

Suddenly, you start to get this weird feeling inside of you that makes you question what you are doing with your life. Because, the truth is that we all want to make a difference and leave a mark on this world. We want to be remembered.

For Robin Williams, his mark was his jovial spirit and humor. He made the world smile. In addition, he worked at it for years before he became successful. That shows that he was driven to do what he loved and he did not quit until he was the best at what he did.

So, what will your mark be? The time to decide is now. Find what you are passionate about and strive to be the best at it. Capitalize on opportunities that are presented to you. Do not let it cross your mind that you do not have what it takes to pursue your dreams.

Here’s a fun fact: When Robin Williams graduated high school in 1969, the senior class voted him “Most Likely NOT to Succeed”.

20 years later, Williams starred in Dead Poets Society where he is famous for stating:

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”


 Thank you, Robin for changing the world.

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