Be a “NO” Man

We can all remember the recent movie success, Yes Man starring Jim Carrey that featured a middle aged man who was afraid of taking risks and getting out of his normal everyday life that he was comfortable with. In the movie he is talked into going to a self-help seminar where the speaker curses him with the handicap of having to literally say “Yes” to life decisions or face uncomfortable punishments from life if he said “No.” The movie plays on our minds that by saying “No” we are limiting ourselves and the future that we could potentially have. This is a great movie and one that really gets you thinking. Even though the movie is a comedy, is does have a slightly serious undertone. However, if you really start thinking about it, you could not possibly say “YES” to every situation that occurs to you throughout the day? That would be pretty crazy right? That got me to thinking about the opposite of saying “yes” to everything, and got me started thinking about when saying “No” is the best option.

You see, I have learned that when it comes to making important life decisions, the things you say “No” to can be significantly more important than the things you say “Yes” to. As I began pondering over the philosophical reason of why saying “No” can be the more important option, it became clear to me that in life, it is harder to actually say “No” to things than it is to say “Yes” to something.

Think about it.

Here is a test: We often find it easier to say “YES” and buy an expensive outfit even though we cannot afford it and do not need it. We often find it easier to say “YES” to foods that we know are bad for us or unhealthy – it’s much easier to pull through the McDonalds drive through and pick up a Big Mac. It may be our human folly, but the things that we know we should not do or partake in, we often find it easier to say “YES” to.

At this point you are probably starting to run through several recent life decisions that you probably should have said “No” to. But the decisions can be become one of bigger impact and of more importance. The decisions can be ones related to your career, or knowing if you should marry someone, the decisions have a greater impact based on the decision you make. Going forward, know that it is OK to be “NO Man” and that saying “No” may be the best route to take. “NO MAN, NO MAN, NO MAN!”


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