Is Social Media Distracting You From Your Vision?

Imagine a world without all the trendy technology we live with today. No iPhones, no droids, no laptops, no smart TV’s, and, don’t worry we’re just pretending, no Netflix. Now imagine you live in that world, and I want you to ask yourself: if you had an entire free day with NOTHING on your agenda, what would you do with that day? Suddenly sitting on your butt scrolling through tweets, or marathoning your favorite TV show is not an option. So what could you do?

Many quality answers would go along the lines of spending time with friends & family, exercising, or day tripping/exploring – all terrific ways to spend a day. Ironically, these are the things that technology is many times (not all the time) holding us back from doing. Now, I am not going to go on a rant about how “back in the day” people were just better in general because they were not distracted by all the technology we have. What I will say is that technology does hold us back from great experiences, which could benefit us mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I’ve heard this idea that our generation is dumb simply because we spend so much of our daily lives staring at screens. It’s not necessarily the screen staring that is taking away from our intelligence. The real issue is what we are missing out on, or the ‘opportunity cost’ for you business folk. According to an American age 18-64 who uses social networks spends an average of 3.2 hours per day on social media sites*. Want to see some math?

3.2 hours x 7 days = 22.4 hours (almost 1 full day per week)

22.4 hours x 52 weeks = 1164.8 hours or 48.53 days per year


That’s a little ridiculous if you ask me. 48 days on social media.

Now, I’m not a research scientist who sat down and analyzed thousands of people and their social media usage, so who knows how accurate those numbers are. Yet, the point is very real that social media (a fine example of technology being used) is engulfing our lives. With less time on social media, and more time spent being with friends & family, exercising, or exploring the beautiful world around you, you can transform into a better you.

Transform Mentally – Read a book. Journal. Catch up on “work”. Refocus your mind!

Transform Physically – Go for a run. Work out. Stretch. Get those endorphins flowing. Refresh your body!

Transform Emotionally – Spend time with friends and family. Laugh. Or spend some time alone. Meditate. Put yourself in a happy and positive mindset!

Should you delete your social media accounts? Absolutely not. Along with many other benefits, they are a fantastic way to stay in touch with friends & family. However, a simple reduction in usage can drastically improve your life.

With Driven Vision, one of our main focuses is to help set you up for success by helping find your dream path. If you are able to better your everyday life by reducing your social media usage, in addition to bettering your life mentally, physically, and emotionally, you can use as little as 5 minutes to sit down and think about where you actually want to end up in life AKA your GOALS. Instead of constantly worrying about unknowns, ELIMINATE them. I challenge you to take 5 minutes a day to refocus on what you truly want to accomplish and to start to set out a plan to get there. It’s a lot easier to find your destination when you have a map.

Let’s start to Elevate Your Future.

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