Top Movies Entrepreneurs Should Watch

These films are not by any means the only films that are exceptional for entrepreneurs to watch. With that said, I highly recommend that you take the time to watch them because I believe that they offer the best lessons for business and entrepreneurship.

  1. The Pursuit of Happiness
    • This is an inspiring story about a salesman that is struggling to make ends meet. While the film itself is based on a true story, it portrays a man who faces challenging obstacles while striving to provide for his son. Although he encounters many failures, he never lets these failures overpower his motivation to have a better life for his family. Through unfaltering dedication and hard work he earns a position in a competitive internship with a stock brokerage. While homeless and impoverished, he continues to conquer obstacles as he pursues his dream.
    • This movie portrays the hardship and struggle of achieving a goal; it is filled with raw emotion and the fact that it was based on a true story is inspirational. The Pursuit of Happiness shows that in order to achieve a dream you must never give up, especially when it feels like you have reached “rock bottom.” It is important to focus on the goals that will guide you on the path to success; the lesson here is that if you never give up, success will follow.
  2. The Social Network
    • The Social Network follows the path of Facebook from idea to creation. It describes the background of the company such as the ownership battle and goes into detail about how the founder became successful.
    • This movie is fantastic for entrepreneurs to view because it depicts the development of Facebook. It also allows those who wish to found a business to view the steps of creating a company, from mere concepts to a reality.
  3. Pirates of Silicon Valley
    • This movie focuses on the history and battle between Apple and Microsoft. It’s audience is able to witness how both companies were founded and when they launched the sale of what are now their top selling products.
    • The main foundation for this film is the idea of how a business grows from a concept. It also portrays how ruthless the business world can be through rivalry and competition.
  4. Moneyball
    • Moneyball is the captivating story of a baseball team on a tight budget; the team also struggled to win their baseball games. Instead of admitting defeat, their manager used a clever strategy to help the team succeed.
    • The movie expresses what clever thinking and challenging the norm can do to make a situation yield improved prospects. It is also a wonderful representation of how to succeed within a limited budget.
  5. Wall Street
    • This movie was released in 1987 and is about a young stockbroker. This man is impatient and believes that he can obtain wealth overnight; with this mindset he has one goal in mind, to reach the top!
    • This movies teaches the lesson that wealth does not happen overnight and must be worked at and achieved over a period of time. Another great lesson featured in the film is greed and how it can quickly hinder success.
  6. Up In The Air
    • Up In The Air is the story of a man who fires people while traveling around the country. In today’s world, a new employee also threatens his job and his new found love interest.
    • This film helps depict the concept of “what may seem like a splendid idea may actually not be.” It also is a wonderful example of how an efficient new way of operating may not always be best.

There are many other excellent movies that are business related or contain exceptional lessons for entrepreneurs. One other example that I can recommend includes TED Talks as they offer insight into specific topics from field experts. I would love for you to share some movies that you believe are a must watch via the comments. I would also love to hear what movies motivate and inspire you!

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